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11 Yr Old Kid sang Elvis’ song on stage, sounded like him | What a sound | I could listen all day to hear her

Angelina Jordan is a Norwegian singer who rose to fame after winning the 2014 season of Norway’s Got Talent at just 8 years old. She has since gained a dedicated following for her stunning vocal abilities and unique style. In 2017, Angelina performed a rendition of “It’s Now or Never” on the popular Norwegian TV show Allsang på Grensen that left audiences speechless.

The performance starts with a simple piano intro before Angelina begins to sing. Her voice is immediately captivating, with a rich tone and effortless control that belies her young age. As she progresses through the song, her phrasing and dynamics are masterful, adding emotional depth to each line. The audience is clearly moved by her performance, with many visibly affected by the power of her voice.

What sets Angelina’s version of “It’s Now or Never” apart is her willingness to take risks with the arrangement. She adds unexpected pauses and flourishes, making the song her own while still honoring the original melody. This creativity and fearlessness have become hallmarks of her performances, earning her comparisons to legendary artists like Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse.

Overall, Angelina Jordan’s performance of “It’s Now or Never” on Allsang på Grensen in 2017 was a standout moment in her career. It showcased not only her remarkable vocal ability but also her artistic vision and willingness to take risks. It’s no wonder she has become a beloved artist around the world, inspiring fans with her talent and her message of authenticity and self-expression.

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