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Keith Urban’s Amazing Tribute Medley to Marty Robbins

In 2009, the ACM (Academy of Country Music) paid tribute to the musical legends of the past whose influence had shaped the country music genre we know today. This event was a gathering of both iconic artists from previous decades and the contemporary talents of that generation, brought together to perform timeless songs from the annals of country music history. Amidst the homage to these legendary figures, the ACM bestowed the prestigious title of Artist of the Decade upon none other than George Strait, in recognition of his remarkable contributions to the genre.

One of the standout moments of the ACM Artist of the Decade All-star Concert was Keith Urban’s special performance. Tasked with honoring the legendary Marty Robbins, Urban took the stage with his guitar and introduced the audience to the brilliance of Robbins. He shared anecdotes about his personal connection with the singer, describing him as the epitome of coolness.

Urban’s medley of Marty Robbins’ songs was a true highlight of the evening. He kicked off his performance with a rendition of “Singing the Blues,” infusing it with his own yodeling prowess, earning a well-deserved round of applause. Transitioning seamlessly, he showcased his guitar skills on Robbins’ biggest hit, “El Paso.” The grand finale featured Urban captivating the crowd with the catchy tune of “A White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation.” The performance undoubtedly left a lasting impression, and one can only imagine how proud Marty Robbins would have been to hear his songs interpreted so beautifully by Keith Urban.

The songs chosen for this remarkable performance by Keith Urban were no ordinary selections; they were Marty Robbins’ top-performing hits. “Singing the Blues,” originally penned by Melvin Endsley and recorded by Robbins in 1956, reached the number one spot on the country chart, marking Robbins’ second number one hit. “El Paso,” released in 1959, not only topped the country charts but also conquered the pop charts, becoming Robbins’ biggest hit. “A White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation,” released a year after “Singing the Blues,” claimed the third number one spot on the country singles chart. These chart-topping classics showcased at the ACM concert are truly treasured gems in the rich tapestry of country music history.

For a glimpse into Keith Urban’s remarkable performance, showcasing his yodeling skills and paying homage to the timeless Marty Robbins’ songs, one can relive this unforgettable moment by watching the footage from the ACM All-star concert.

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